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Y’All Want To See Some Classic Cardinals Highlights During Your Time Off?

Judging by the amount of college football going on during the day this week, I appear to be the only one working.

That’s cool.

Enjoy your time off, friends. You deserve it.

Your ol’ pal will just be over here grinding. Finding great YouTube clips to enjoy with your eggnog and Cheetos.

Like this one entitled ‘Greatest Plays & Games in St. Louis Cardinals Baseball History’:

That was fun.


1) Joe Buck calling Big Mac’s 70th HR might be the most excited he’s ever been on a call. I think his voice even cracked? (3:06)

2) They let the media out on the field during the game for Lou Brock’s 893rd stolen base? Rightsholders wouldn’t play that in 2016. (4:20)

3) If I had to guess, the audio was tweaked in this clip. Doubtful such a haunting organ song was played right as the Cards clinched the 2006 World Series. (5:37)

4) The Grover Cleveland Alexander bullpen call must have been a real surprise to the announcer. (5:57)

5) Bob Gibson, man. Did he strike out 3,000 or just get tagged with a home run? Dude was intense. (6:41)

6) Bring back the megaphone. (8:15)

Photo: Pull Up A Chair