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Year In Review: Joe Buck Hate

We’re continuing our Year In Review, looking back what was 2011 on Cards Diaspora. Today? Joe Buck hate. 

“Joe Buck: Only Liked In St. Louis, Still” (01/27/11) LINK HERE

Sometimes we know when we put something up on this site that it’s going to be a traffic boon. Albert Pujols articles pull in more people than Ryan Theriot articles. Mention ‘Hot Women’ and the Google traffic is going to come streaming in (One of the top 5 articles all-time on The CD is called “Brad Penny’s Girlfriend is Hot“.) And songs? Well, how could people not love the sweet sounds of Baseball’s Buble?

And then we get articles like this that explode and I couldn’t tell you why. Seriously. I have no idea.

It was the dead of winter. Still a couple weeks from Spring Training. And we’re searching for anything tangentially related to the Cardinals when HWM finds a little sidebar about Joe Buck in Maxim Magazine. The sidebar echos a popular sentiment that Joe Buck is too robotic when he calls big games and that the upcoming Super Bowl on FOX was going to suck because he had the call. 

If I had to guess, I’d say the screen grab of Oliva Munn driving traffic. Then again, a courtesy Google search of ‘Joe Buck’ brings up a litany of vitriol that’s rare, even by the internet’s standards. Hell, If GLADD wanted more evidence that the US hasn’t become more progressive in its stance regarding same sex couples, look no further than Joe Buck. I assumed he was straight, but it looks like the masses are making him wear a possible homosexual lifestyle like a scarlet letter of shame.

People seem to hate Joe Buck as much as they love Gus Johnson. And I’m serious when I say I have no idea why.

He sounds to me like a guy that’s prepared. He doesn’t take himself or the fact that he’s calling a game too seriously. He plays it right down the middle and doesn’t seem to really care who wins. His Twitter feed is funny (@Buck). He tried to have an HBO show, but it sucked, so he says as much. 

I prefer some announcers over Joe Buck. Not many though, and that’s just my opinion. I look at it this way, would I rather have Rick Horton doing PBP of Cardinals games on FSN? Hell yes. In fact, when Buck used to do up to 10 games a year for FSN up until a couple years ago, I’d make it a point to watch. So in the grand scheme of announcing, It’s hard to process why this particular announcer inflames such rage.

Alas, it’s not going to change. People will hate Joe Buck. And we’ll have to write more about Joe Buck, because people click on links that profligate Joe Buck hate. And on and on.

Oh, and just in case he is gay, let’s just remember Jerry: Not that there’s anything wrong with that, right? It’s OK. You clicked on that Brand Penny’s Girlfriend Is Hot link above. You’re still straight. Or gay, if you’re a woman.