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Year In Review: The Cincinnati Toe Sucker

We’re continuing to take a look back on the year that was in 2011. Today? Toe sucking.

“The Cincinnati Toe Sucker” (07/05/11) LINK HERE

Sadly, this was the only post of the year to get linked to Deadspin.com, one of the best sports sites ever. In the past we’ve had better years, but we’ll keep trying. 
If you missed the original story, it’s pretty self explanatory. A friend of the site had tickets to the (then) hot rivalry between the Reds and the Cards. A pair of young ladies in front of us wore Reds gear and got d-r-u-n-k. It was July. It was hot. And the friend of the site had his sandal off. When the young lady turned her head around, I’m sure she was going to make a point. 

She asked to suck his toe instead.

The lingering questions I get most often? 

1. Did anything else happen? No. It was a toe sucking and that’s it. No numbers exchanged. No flirtations escalating. Hell, I don’t think they even talked much after the sucking. It was a moment in time. 

2. Why no video? I was lucky enough to have my iPhone out to take the pic that quick. Wasn’t thinking about the video. Sorry.

3. Was she hot? She was not hot. I promise you there would have been much more to this story if she was.

The post made its rounds on the interwebs and ended up making the Top 5 of most read on The CD in 2012. Hell, I made my lone apperance on the ‘Morning After’ to talk about it. (Seg 6/15:52 mark) But the mere fact that the Reds season collapsed so violently that a fan sucking another fans toe at a ballpark qualifies as ‘a big win’ is really a special kind of treat.