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YEESH… King Felix Got What?

You like Adam Wainwright? You want to see him in a Cardinals uniform through and beyond 2013? 

Well those freaking Mariners aren't making it easy.

Reports of a 7 year, 175 million dollar contract for Felix Hernandez seem to be false. It's more like a 5 year, 135.5 million dollar extension. Or an average of 27.1 million dollars per season. Or about 15.1 million dollars more than Adam Wainwright will make in 2013.


Wainwright is 31. King Felix is 26. So if he goes the full 7 years he's signed for, he'll only be 33 when it comes off the books. Wainright will probably be looking at a 4, possibly 5 year contract after 2013.

Wainwright is a pretty loyal guy. I know, I know… loyal to the next paycheck, right? But unlike Pujols or Holliday, where it was an obvious open bidding process, Wainwright will give the Cardinals the first crack at making him a part of their future. He's been candid about wanting to be in STL. And knows that making 8 figures in the Midwest goes pretty far.

Wainwright wasn't that good in 2012. Numbers don't lie and a 14-13/3.94 ERA/1.248 WHIP aren't the kind of numbers that get 'ace' money. This is leverage for the Cardinals. A pedestrian start in 2013 might tip Wainwright to sign a favorable contract earlier than he should.

Kyle Lohse. Still not signed. Mainly because of the draft pick compensation. Wainwright leaving would net the Cardinals the same compensation. 


We're right in the middle of another MLB silly period. Teams are signing new TV deals that are bonkers. Owners will want names. And if someone goes over the top for Wainwright, the Cardinals will have to pass.

The Cardinals also seem to be committed to their farm system more now than ever. If a Mike Wacha comes up in 2013 and plays well or a Shelby Miller brings the heat… the Cardinals might just move forward without Wain-O.

If Pujols can leave STL, then anyone can leave STL. Once you've opened that door, there is no going back.

The Cardinals are finally breaking ground on Ballpark Village. They won't see a ROI on that for a couple of years, so they're going to be fiscally tighter, like it or not.

There still is time to figure this out and several variables in play… but Felix's extension is now a factor.

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