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You Go To Bed Early?

Then you missed a walk-off hit by pitch from Greg Garcia in the 12th inning.

Just like we expected. Right?

After tonight the Cardinals will have played a fraction over 25% of the 2014 baseball season and I believe we’re further away from knowing what this team is than we were at the start of the season when literally anything was possible.

And not by a little – by a lot.

They’re 20-20, 5.5 games back of the Brewers in the NL Central. They can’t hit. They can’t field. They can’t pitch. Until the next game.

Then they hit, field and pitch. We feel a bit better.

Then they can’t hit. They can’t field. They can’t pitch.

It’s maddening.

You look at the roster and there are so many holes, yet we feel like this is a roster than can compete for a title. It’s one thing to be like the Cubs and know who you are – eventual 100 game losers – but this team? We’re 1/4 of the way done with 2014 and we’re all still pretty confident they’ll be playing in October, pretty much disregarding everything we’ve seen.

Doesn’t. Compute.

In conclusion… a walk-off HBP in the 12th inning against a bad team where they blew a save in the 9th is pretty much the perfect ending for the Cardinals so far in 2014.