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You Mad About The Cardinals Sweep?

Let's play 'Choose Your Own Column': 

The Cardinals headed into Washington D.C. to face the Nationals, the same team they RUINED in the Divisional series in 2012. 
Are you A) surprised, almost taken aback, that the Cardinals went in and dominated a very, very good baseball team on the heels of what looked like a complete bullpen implosion.
Or are you B) a litte miffed that the Cardinals could be running away with the NL Central if they only wouldn't have tried to force Mitchell Boggs out of his slump by pitching him more.
Ok, ok. Getting retroactively fired up about gas can outings after a road sweep is a little silly. And for what it's worth, Edward Mujica has (shocklingly) looked great as the Cardinals new de facto closer. But still… this team is better than it's 13-8 record. 
They should be 17-4. That's not crazy talk.
And after seeing Jamie Garcia and Shelby Miller run through the rotation again with quality starts on the road – this team just might be dominant. 
The Jason Motte 'check up' is fast approaching and the Cardinals can move forward with an official Plan B for a closer. Maybe Mujica is that guy for the season? I think we're going to have to see some more before that thought feels comfortable. 
But 21 games in, the season is starting to look bright.