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Your Weekend Reading Assignment Plus Friday Links

It’s been a hectic week around CD HQ- and with the pending 10a CST live confession of Tiger Woods to Father Media, I don’t know if we can concentrate on much else.

So here’s some reading assignments:

INSIDE STL (5 Things that CAN’T happen for the Cards in Spring Training)

BLEACHER REPORT (Mark McGwire and his return to MLB)

Also, be sure to check out the rest of the week that was below… including HMW’s (probably) award-winning caliber take down of the new 19.99 Cardinal Nation.

Now some Friday Links..

  • A thesis like break down of dirty song lyrics. LINK HERE
  • Babies with Laser Eyes is now a real site. LINK HERE
  • Did you know that 99% of everything on TV is green screened? LINK HERE
  • Great video- what appears to be dirty, is actually funny. LINK HERE (NSFW-ish) (HT: PS)
  • A visual companion to the handshake. LINK HERE
  • What sex education was like for girls in the 60’s? Really? LINK HERE(HT: RH)
  • Cool outdoor sculpture. It’s for real, not a cartoon. LINK HERE

That’s it for this week. Time to turn and burn and see if we’ll survive Coach Mac’s big 3-0! (And yes, he’ll be back with his annual NCAA Tourney breakdown in March.)