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Carmelo Anthony to Clippers doesn’t make sense

An idea suggests Carmelo Anthony would ditch the New York Knicks for the Los Angeles Clippers.

Ideas are dangerous.

Anthony has seemed disgruntled as of late in New York, which makes sense with the team floundering and no major moves going down at the deadline. Pair this with the odd situation between the Clippers and Blake Griffin and one gets a game of connect the dots that has Anthony landing in Los Angeles with good friend Chris Paul.

Marc Berman of the New York Post brought up the idea in a recent post detailing the recent situations between the two teams ahead of their Friday showdown in Los Angeles:

If there indeed is one team, the Clippers are it. He owns a place in Los Angeles, where his wife, La La, spends a lot of time. The Clippers are a perennial playoff team and feature one of his best friends in point guard Chris Paul. And most importantly, the franchise has a legitimate potential trade chip in Blake Griffin, even if coach Doc Rivers declared recently he would not trade the younger balletic forward.

“My name is always associated with L.A., whether it was earlier with the Lakers, now it’s the Clippers,’’ Anthony said late Wednesday in Phoenix. “I try not to pay attention to that. I laugh it off. People always try to make scenarios and situations. But nothing’s happened.’’

To be fair, Anthony playing with Paul and DeAndre Jordan would provide some entertainment and probably help the team win some serious games. Is it enough in the Western Conference with the Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs at the top though? Maybe not.

And all of this presumes the coaching staff in New York doesn’t mind trotting out a lineup with Kristaps Porzingis at center. In this hypothetical scenario, Griffin assumes power forward and the Knicks don’t exactly get a ton in the way of defensive power underneath the basket. Really, those two with not much else in the backcourt after Anthony leaves wouldn’t exactly leave the Knicks in a better place.

For Anthony, why give up on New York now? It makes sense to wonder if Phil Jackson will stay around, but either way he’s done a ton of good when it comes to clearing cap and putting the franchise in a position to go get someone such as Rajon Rondo this summer, or maybe even Russell Westbrook two summers from now. So play with one of those two guys or someone of similar caliber plus an entering-prime Porzingis in the weak Eastern Conference, or join Paul and Jordan in a much, much deeper conference and hope for the best while going on the age of 32?

This shouldn’t be a hard decision. The East is easier, New York is also a massive market and the groundwork is in place for a major push this summer and a playoff run next season. Even if the Knicks came out of left field and wanted to deal Anthony, he doesn’t have a reason to waive his no-trade clause if the destination is the Clippers.

While fun to speculate about where big names could go, Anthony’s best fit for the remainder of this contract is sticking it out with the Knicks.

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