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Charles Barkley takes swipe at Skip Bayless

Charles Barkley really doesn’t like Skip Bayless.

A Charles Barkley-Skip Bayless feud isn’t exactly new to the globe, of course. Barkley is the guy who about a year ago called Bayless a “scumbag” on the Dan Patrick Show. For those keeping track, he’s also described ESPN’s First Take host as an “old punk ass” and before that claimed Bayless was “all schtick“, even more so than his long-time nemesis, Peter Vecsey.

Barkley was at it again Tuesday night on Inside the NBA, firing shots at his old rival in epic fashion:

“I want to call out certain guys…we know I hate Skip Bayless,” Barkley began.

Barkley’s cohorts interrupted him there with a hearty chuckle—when that’s the opener to a spiel from Barkley, folks know it’s going to get good. He continued:

“We don’t know anything about all these sports, we’re paid to give our opinions. It’s just our opinions. But you don’t seem me talking about ‘well this guy’s not a good football player. This guy’s not a good baseball player.’ Because you don’t know anything about baseball or football just because you watched the game. I always preface my opinion with ‘in my opinion’ because it’s just my opinion.”

Barkley won’t have a problem finding folks who agree with his stance. He an analyst on an award-winning show detailing a single subject. As an aside, he’s not afraid to call out major names such as Bayless on said show if he feels like they deserve it.

One has to wonder how correct Barkley is, too. Can analysts, Bayless or others, be absolute experts on every single sport? Maybe not, but glass houses and such because even though Inside the NBA is universally praised, it is the show where Barkley spars with Shaquille O’Neal all the time and gets plenty of attention for throwing each other into Christmas trees.

Regardless, the latest drama between Barkley and Bayless doesn’t lack entertainment value. Maybe that’s the point. Showmanship between these two makes for a fun time, though strong talking points sound like they will underline future tirades. All that remains is for Bayless to fire back.

Does anyone think he won’t?

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