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Corey Dickerson’s Power and Opportunity Makes Him an Intriguing Option

No, Corey Dickerson hasn’t played at Coors Field for the Colorado Rockies since 2015, but he’s proved there’s some pop in that bat of his.

Despite a slow start with the Tampa Bay Rays last April, he still tied his single-season career high in home runs (24) and set a new career high in doubles (36). But now nearly two weeks into the 2017 season, he’s off to a hot start at the top of Tampa’s order, hitting .303/.343/.576 through 35 plate appearances.

He’s produced some numbers in other areas that will prove to be unsustainable, but the opportunity he gets by hitting leadoff makes him an intriguing option off the waiver wire — especially if you’re in need of some power.

Check out the areas we touched on with regard to Dickerson on FNTSY Sports Network’s The Rotation with Garion Thorne.

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