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2013 NFL Draft: DE Rankings

The college football season is headed to bowl season and that means that the NFL draft will be coming up sooner than we think. Earlier this month KrisZ took a look at an early first round mock draft and Zach previewed the QB, RB, WR/TE and OL positions by giving his rankings. Now let's take a look as Zach ranks some of the most important players on the team, the defensive linemen.

4-3 Defensive Ends

Name College Height Weight Round Projection
Alex Okafor Texas 6'4 260 LBs Top 20
Bjoern Werner Florida State 6'4 255 LBs Top 20
Sam Montgomery LSU 6'5 260 LBs Top 25
Tank Carradine Florida State 6'5 265 LBs Late 1st-Early 2nd
Ziggy Ansah BYU 6'6 270 LBs Early-Mid 2nd
John Simon Ohio State 6'2 263 LBs Mid-Late 2nd
Corey Lemonier Auburn 6'4 246 LBs Mid 2nd-Early 3rd
Datone Jones UCLA 6'4 275 LBs Late 2nd-Mid 3rd
Margus Hunt SMU 6'8 280 LBs Early-Late 3rd
Brandon Jenkins Florida State 6'3 260 LBs Mid-Late 3rd
William Gholston Michigan State 6'7 278 LBs Mid 3rd-Early 4th
Quanterus Smith WKU 6'5 249 LBs Early-Mid 4th
Michael Buchanan Illinois 6'7  240 LBs Mid-Late 4th
Devin Taylor South Carolina 6'8 267 LBs Late 4th-Early 5th
Wes Horton USC 6'5 260 LBs Early-Mid 5th
Lavar Edwards LSU 6'5 258 LBs Mid-Late 5th
Craig Roh Michigan 6'4 280  LBs Late 5th-Early 6th
Brad Madison Missouri 6'4 265 LBs Mid-Late 6th
Malliciah Goodman Clemson 6'4 280 LBs Mid 6th-Early 7th
Cornelius Washington Georgia 6'4 268 LBs Late 6th-Mid 7th
Travis Johnson San Jose State 6'3 245 LBs Early 7th-UDFA
Meshak Williams Kansas State 6'2 245 LBs Early 7th-UDFA


3-4 Defensive Ends

Name College Height Weight Round Projection
Star Lotulelei Utah 6'4 325 LBs Top 15
Sheldon Richardson Missouri 6'4 295 LBs Top 20
Kawann Short Purdue 6'3 315 LBs 1st Round
Bennie Logan LSU 6'3 287 LBs Late 1st-Early 2nd
Sharrif Floyd Florida 6'3 301 LBs Early-Mid 2nd
Sylvester Williams North Carolina 6'3 320 LBs Mid-Late 2nd
Cassius Marsh UCLA 6'3 290 LBs Late 2nd-Early 3rd
Margus Hunt SMU 6'8 280 LBs Early-Mid 3rd
William Gholston Michigan State 6'7 278 LBs Mid-Late 3rd
Dominique Easley Florida 6'2 282 LBs Early-Mid 4th
Jordan Hill Penn State 6'1 291 LBs Late 4th-Early 5th
Joe Vellano Maryland 6'1 285 LBs Early-Mid 5th
Baker Steinkuhler Nebraska 6'6 290 LBs Mid 5th-Early 6th
Damion Square Alabama 6'3 286 LBs Early-Late 6th
Omar Hunter Florida 6'2 290 LBs Early 7th-UDFA

Zach Kidd writes for Bloguin's Atlanta Falcons blog The Grits Blitz and Scar Draft. Follow him on Twitter @GBBZach if you are a fan of college or NFL football.