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Aaron Murray’s Wild Spring Break Plans

Aaron Murray has had a very successful career at Georgia. Going into his red-shirt senior season he has thrown for over 10,000 yards, 95 TDs and has led the Bulldogs to two straight SEC Championship Games with the team going 22-6 over the last two years. In addition to the success he's had on the field, he's also had success off of the field as he earned his bachelor's degree in psychology this past May and started graduate classes in industrial-organizational psychology this past fall. 


Murray had the opportunity to go pro after the 2012 season and many thought he would as the crop of QBs in the draft class looks rather weak. Instead, Murray made the decision to stay and use up all of his eligibility at the University of Georgia. So why did Murray decide to come back? In 2012, Georgia came within four yards of getting to the National Championship Game but an Alabama deflection resulted in a completed pass which allowed the clock to expire on Murray and Georgia's dreams. Murray knows he has room for improvement and said he wanted to come back to make sure Georgia "gets some rings next year".

Murray has been known to be a hard worker in and out of the film room and he's also been known to have fun as well as being a bit quirky. So when it comes to Spring Break you are probably thinking that it's time for Murray to blow off some steam. Not exactly. He's going to use his spring break to get better.

For Spring Break, Murray will be taking his talents to Norman, Oklahoma. What's in Norman? Quarterback guru George Whitfield. Whitfield is in Oklahoma getting Landry Jones ready for his pro day, which is March 13th, and Murray is going to join him for a week to learn and get better.

The Georgia offense has a lot to looking forward to in 2013. In addition to Murray they return the top RB in the conference in Todd Gurley (1385 yds rush, 17 TD), rising sophomore Keith Marshall (759 yds rush, 8 TD), Malcolm Mitchell (40 rec despite starting the year at CB), both of their TEs and the entire offensive line off of a team that averaged 37.8 points per game in 2012. Heading into the season last year all the talk around Georgia was because of the defense. This year it's because of the offense as Aaron Murray looks to take the final step in his career and lead Georgia to an SEC Championship and maybe more.