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College Football Zealots

In April of last year we started “College Football Zealots” through the blogger platform. Growing up in the south I’ve been a college football fan since I can remember so it only made sense to write about what I love. At College Football Zealots, or CFBZ (our attempt at being hip),  we will cover college football at a National and Local level. From a National perspective we will give you a slice of the biggest happenings around the world of college football, we will give you weekly predictions (just don’t try to take them to the bank) and we will give you a ton of previews and different perspectives from around the country. From a Local perspective we will give you a close up (and depending on how bad the team is…sometimes not so close up) look at a few of the teams from across the Nation. Last season we had bloggers that followed Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Miami (Fl), Nebraska, South Carolina, UNC, and Virginia Tech. Our goal here at College Football Zealots is to give you information, opinions and different perspectives on the sport that we love while not trying to take ourselves too seriously (unless one of our teams rivals does something stupid that we can gloat about). I am very excited to be a part of the Bloguin Network and look forward to continuing covering College Football for years to come. Don’t be afraid to throw us some kudos if you agree with us, call us out if you don’t or give us your take on whatever issue we are covering.

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