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Cornhuskers Score With Best Story of the Spring

If you are a college football fan or someone who watches the four letter network then I'm sure you've heard or read about this story but I still felt it needed to be posted here at the blog. 

During the Nebraska Cornhuskers spring game, a seven year old cancer patient ran for a 69 yard TD. Former Nebraska stand-out RB Rex Burkhead has become involved with Team Jack and with the help of the administration and FB C.J. Zimmerer came the idea of getting Jack Hoffman involved in the spring game. 

On fourth and one, Jack Hoffman was inserted into the game in his Rex Burkhead jersey and he took a Taylor Martinez hand-off and with a little direction from Taylor, he was off to the races.

In college football it's too often that we hear about the bad things that happen. It's nice to hear about the good things once in a while. Kudos to Bo Pellini and the entire Nebraska family for bringing this to us.