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Derek Doolander Center For Coaches Who Can’t Coach Good

If you haven’t seen the movie Zoolander, then I feel sorry for you. It’s obvious that a group of Tennessee fans have and they channeled some severe awesomeness when they painted this on Tennessee’s Rock:

h/t Saturday Blitz

This isn’t the first time that the fans have used the rock to vent their frustration on Derek Dooley and it’s clear that his seat is more than hot. The Vols have some big questions to answer this off-season. Tennessee has gradually gotten better under Dooley but it’s a gradual progression and it hasn’t shown up in their record. Tennessee enters this weekends game with Troy at 3-5 and 0-4 in the conference. They have four very winnable games left and if they run the table that leaves then at 7-5 which would represent a two game improvement over last season, but would it be enough?