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SEC Dominates BCS Rankings, But is on Outside Looking In

It’s no secret that the SEC has won the last six BCS National Championships. This weekend Texas A&M and Johnny “Football” Manziel upset the #1 Alabama Crimson Tide and the newest team in the conference might have just broken the SEC’s string of championships. Alabama struggled two weeks ago to put away LSU but still looked like the frontrunner for the SEC Championship and the National Title. Now that is up in the air and the SEC is on the outside looking in.

When the newest BCS rankings came out this week they picked a new number one as Bill Snyder and his Kansas State Wildcats have taken the top spot. They are followed by the Oregon Ducks and then the Notre Dame Fighting Irish at #3. There is still some football to be played but there are three teams above the SEC in the BCS rankings and a two team buffer to get to the BCS National Championshp Game, meaning that most likely two of these teams have to lose to have an SEC team rise above them. 

One of the amazing things looking at the new BCS rankings is that out of the top nine teams, six of them come from the SEC. We already talked about the top three not being SEC teams so that means that 4-9 are all from the SEC (#4 Bama, #5 UGA, #6 Florida, #7 LSU, #8 A&M, #9 USCe). There is talk about the overall depth of the league not being as good as the past but that is some serious muscle when you consider six of the best college football teams being from one conference.

It was former Alabama coach Gene Stallings who said the SEC would never win another Championship after adding a conference championship game. That never proved to be the case but the overall depth of the SEC has definitely put the conference on the outside looking in this season as they know must sit back and wait for other teams to lose.

There is one question for the non-SEC fans who have become anti-SEC because of the success of the conference. Wouldn’t it be better to break the SEC’s string of National Titles by actually beating an SEC team instead of having two non-SEC teams play for the title? I’m not saying that an SEC team should jump ahead of one or two undefeated teams, just along the lines of “to be the champ you have to beat the champ”. Will it feel a bit hollow if a non-SEC team is crowned National Champion without having beaten, as Ray Glier calls them, goliath?