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SEC East Spring Round-Up

Spring practices are in swing as teams try to get better so they can hit full stride heading into the fall. Let's take a lap around the SEC East and see what's going on with each school….


Florida Gators

2013 Prospectus

Spring Game: 4/6

Lack of O-line depth threatens spring game

Guard Jon Halapio underwent a scope on his knee in January. Tackle Chaz Green underwent a scope on his ankle around the same time. Tackles Trip Thurman and Ian Silberman are both battling shoulder injuries, and Muschamp said on Tuesday that Thurman’s “does not look good right now.” Guard Jessamen Dunker is indefinitely suspended as he faces charges of felony grand theft auto and misdemeanor driving with a suspended license.

Guard Max Garcia, now healthy, has battled back issues during the spring, and tackle Quinteze Williams was listed at defensive tackle last season.

As a result, Florida may mix special teams periods and 7-on-7 work into the normal spring game format. UF’s spring game featured 80 offensive snaps last season, and Muschamp said even 60 may be too many in the offensive line’s current state.


Georgia Bulldogs

Spring Game: 4/6

Josh Harvey-Clemons: Think of him as the star

I'm increasingly of the belief that it's time to start referring to Harvey-Clemons as playing the "star position," which is essentially a nickel back with some linebacker elements. And I'm increasingly of the belief that Georgia will play a ton of nickel defense, especially early in the season, which is why Harvey-Clemons will play a lot, as defensive coordinator Todd Grantham has said repeatedly. "He'll be one of the 11," Grantham said earlier this spring.

Throw away for a moment the normal visions of a 3-4 defense (three defensive linemen, four linebackers and four defensive backs.) When Harvey-Clemons is on the field, Grantham could instead utilize a 3-3-5 formation: three linemen, three linebackers and five defensive backs. Harvey-Clemons will basically be a third safety on the field. Freshman Tray Matthews is very likely to be at free safety, and either Corey Moore or Connor Norman will most likely be the third safety.

Kentucky Wildcats

2013 Prospectus

Spring Game: 4/13

Offense has a lot of work to do 

“We’ve obviously got a lot of work to do,” offensive coordinator Neal Brown said after Friday’s scrimmage. “Defense is ahead, which it should be probably.”

“I’m not going to talk about those quarterbacks probably until after the spring game,” Brown said.


Missouri Tigers

2013 Prospectus

Spring Game: 4/20

Potential vs Production

There is no single unit more loaded with potential than Missouri's receiving corps in 2013. 

And now, this unit is joined by Darius White, a former blue-chipper from Texas. It is easy to get starry-eyed with the receivers.


South Carolina Gamecocks

Spring Game: 4/13

Friday Scrimmage Notes

Shaq Roland had a good week last week, and he caught some balls today in the scrimmage. If you listen to Spurrier's interview, the OBC says that Roland was "hustling" in the scrimmage. Needless to say, that's what we want to hear, that Roland is gaining focus and putting forth more effort.


Tennessee Volunteers

2013 Prospectus

Spring Game: 4/20

Vols tackle major challenge in improving defense


Tennessee is focusing on fundamentals in its attempt to improve a defense that statistically ranked among the worst in school history last season.

The first area of concern is tackling, something the Volunteers didn't do often enough or well enough a year ago.

"To line up and play defense, you've got to be great tacklers," safety Byron Moore said. "If you can't tackle, it doesn't matter what scheme we put in or what play we call if we can't get the man on the ground."


Vanderbilt Commodores

2013 Prospectus

Spring Game: 4/13

Vanderbilt looks forward to beefed up defensive line

On Saturday, the defensive front provided some answers — not to mention tackles and sacks. In the first scrimmage of the spring, the front four threw its collective weight around and challenged an experienced offensive line.

“The depth has been a huge thing,” Woestmann said. “Guys behind us are starting to develop into big playmakers. That is what helps us turn into a top SEC team. The first guy goes out. Well the second guy comes in and he is just as good if not better. Once you get that type of rotation going in our D-line we’re going to go out and start tearing people up.”