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16 vs 18

18to88 reader Rob Cullin (Westside Rob) checks in with an innovative plan to solve the NFL revenue problem without expanding the schedule to 18 games. I felt like it deserved a full airing here.


For a long time I really wanted to see the NFL expand to 18 games.  As a person that these days really only follows NFL football and no other sports, I’ve wanted more.  It’s natural to want more of what you love.  However, as we all know getting what you want isn’t always what’s best for you and for others.

In light of that I’ve now come to the personal conclusion that 18 games would be bad for football overall, particularly bad for the players, and ultimately bad for me as a fan.  This past weekend cemented this for me.  Too many injuries to players with each game, and adding two games to that will only make that worse.  So as a business owner who always tell my staff, don’t bring me problems without bringing me possible solutions, I have a suggested solution that should give ALL of us what we want without anyone really losing out (at least not significantly).


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