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18 Again

Actually, being 18 largely sucked, so I wouldn’t want to relive that.  But I have posted this week’s 18 Plays podcast brought to you by Broad Ripple Tree Service.  Demond and I enthusiastically break down 18 plays from Sunday’s beat down of the Seahawks.

Once again, you can download the podcast by clicking the link; you can hit the embedded player below, or you can subscribe using ITunes.  All are acceptable and wonderful ways to partake of 18 Plays.  By the way, we keep an archive of old podcasts above, so you can always go back and pick up what you missed

One note and bear in mind that I have no evidence for this:

I’d bet that Bob Sanders plays Sunday.  Seriously folks people (sorry, I wrote this late last night), Polian and Caldwell want this game.  They probably held him off the PUP JUST for this game.  I have a feeling the Colts are going to come out strong on Sunday and play this game to win hard.  I’m expecting to see all hands on deck.  That includes Bob Sanders.  And yes, he does matter that much.  Don’t make the mistake of forgetting how good this guy is.