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18 Classic Posts from 18to88

Four years ago today, my brother Luke unleashed 18to88.com on the world.  Originally, the site existed both as a blog and a separate website.  Mercifully, the two merged.  In honor of our anniversary, I give you 18 Classic Posts in Chronological order.

1.  August 2, 2007 Replete with old school formatting hassles, we took on Cold Hard Football Facts on the issue of Vince Young.

2.  August 23, 2007 We totally nerd out with Star Wars predictions. Still the most popular piece in the history of the site.

3.  October 24, 2007  Luke and I hit up a Monday Night game in Jacksonville

4.  November 3, 2007 We got a lot of hate mail for our 88 Reasons to hate the Patriots.

5. December 11, 2007  I eulogized my grandfather

6. December 30, 2007 Chris Collinsworth and Bryant Gumbel discuss the greatness of the Patriots.

7. July 16, 2008 It’s dated now, but it was revolutionary at the the time: a complete and utter refutation of Cold Hard Football Facts

8. September 13, 2008 Jeff Saturday practices on a bad knee

9. November 20, 2008 I defend Edge James as one of the greatest Colts of all time.

10. January 4, 2009  I lay the 2008 season to rest 

11. February 23, 2009 We all mourn Marvin Harrison in our own wayI have mine. Luke has his. (Three separate links)

12. June 24, 2009 I comment on Joey Votto and the nature of depression

13. July 15, 2009 Mike Tanier is amazing.

14. March 10, 2010 I argue that Manning HAS to sign a huge contract.  It’s a given now, but the point was very much in dispute at the time.

15. May 19. 2010 18 Reasons to Watch the World Cup

16. November 10, 2010 18to88 interviews Eric Dickerson.  It was a highlight for the site, but the best part is the great answer to the goggles question at the end.

17. November 24, 2010  Why fans care so much about football

18. January 16, 2011 Tom Brady pales in the postseason.

Of all the posts, the two that mean the most to me are obviously my goodbye to my grandpa and the amazing piece by Flores about why we care about sports.  That post, perhaps more than any other made me proud to run this blog. I’m so grateful to her for lending her talent.

So in summary, it has been four years and nearly 6,000 total posts (including links).  Oh yeah, and a book.  

Thanks everyone! From Day one to Day 1461, it’s been fun and we couldn’t have done it without all of you!