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18 More Reasons to Hate the Patriots

Because 88 just aren’t enough

1.  The Tom Brady Rule.  It figures that a rule named after Tom Brady would serve to further emasculate football.

2.  Junior Seau is back again?  Didn’t I just see him on a reality TV show?

3.  They’ve turned Randy Moss into a sure-fire first ballot Hall of Famer.  Do you really think the world is a better place because of that?

4.  Because despite an on going history of lackluster drafts, Belichick continues to be seen as a master of draft strategy.  Raping the Raiders on a regular basis doesn’t qualify you as a genius…just as an honorary member of the AFC West.

5.  It’s their fault the Wildcat is still around.  If they could have figured out how to stop it the first time, they could have saved all of us a lot of trouble.

6.  Throwing passes with a 59-0 lead.  That’s just evil.

7.  The media assumed Joey Galloway was good just because the Patriots signed him.  Seriously, guys?  Joey Galloway?

8. Really?  Signing Fred Taylor?  Now you are just daring us to hate you.

9.  Matt Cassel confirmed our long-held suspicions. And yet the media acts as if 2008 never happened.

10.  I liked ESPNBoston.com better when it went by its original name: ESPN.com.

11.  After years of ridiculous taunts directed towards Manning we are supposed to have a begrudging respect for Brady? Not going to happen. Not ever.

12.  I can’t root for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, a team I genuinely like, until Charlie Weis is forced out in disgrace.

13.  Tom Brady has way more in common with A-Rod than Manning ever will.

14.  Wes Welker.  I hate guys named Wes.  He should just play the game with a cardigan draped over his shoulders and be done with it.  Sometimes I root against Texas Tech just because he went there.

15.  Tom Brady and Randy Moss still playing “500” with 20 seconds to go in the Super Bowl.  Learn to throw an out-route, Tom!

16. This is really messed up: I wanted the Pats to make the playoffs last year.

17.  DZ’s secret G-chat friendship with our resident Pats fan, JC. For that matter: the fact that our website has a resident Pats fan.


18.  I don’t feel anything right now towards them. That scares me.