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18 Plays is up

Just in case you don’t subscribe on Itunes, you can download this weeks 18 Plays here. We got it done a tad early this week because I’m on the road right now.

This week’s win didn’t inspire a lot of great press, but you should try and endure Bill Simmon’s bizarre rant about how great the Pats are just for the last two paragraphs. In them, he admits that picking the Colts simply because Dungy is a better person and Belichick is legitimate. I suppose that’s some kind of admission. Meanwhile, I’m wondering if the Chargers really are that good. Norv Turner has that team looking terrible through two weeks. I think the Pats will be severely tested before its over. It often takes the league a couple of weeks to catch up to something new. There is little debate that the two best teams in the league are the Colts and Pats. Fortunately, they will square off on the field, probably twice.

Demond Sanders: Definitely a bizarre rant. His point is that we take sports way too seriously sometimes, and he’s absolutely right. Unfortunately, he works against his own point by getting so worked up about it. Bothering to name-check the war abroad and “the waste of a generation in Iraq” seems out of place and misguided.

He is right about one thing: the Colts vs. Patriots game on November 4th, 2007 may become the focal point of the entire NFL season. Game of the century type stuff. Unfortunately, the Colts have at least three big games to play on the way. The Patriots? Let’s just say when you play in the horrendous AFC East everything is a little easier.