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18 Plays Writeup: Chargers

I’m still sick, so recording 18 Plays just wasn’t going to happen this week.  Here are some observations after watching the tape:

1. 3-9-SD 38 (11:39) (Shotgun) 18-P.Manning pass short right to 85-P.Garcon pushed ob at SD 28 for 10 yards (23-Q.Jammer).

This was a strong game from Garcon, as he made a couple of catches like this on third down.  Manning wasn’t pressured much early in the game, but this is one of the few plays where he got hit.  Devan’s man came free and knocked into Manning just after he released the pass.  Garcon breaks off his route perfectly along the sideline and shows excellent foot control to get both feet down.  The result was a big first down on the opening drive.

2.  3-4-SD 4 (9:22) (Shotgun) 18-P.Manning pass short right to 84-J.Tamme for 4 yards, TOUCHDOWN.

Indy goes three wide again with Tamme setup TE left.  Manning has to step up because of light pressure, but has a clear pocket in front of him.  He has Brown and Tamme tightly covered right at the goal line and goes far right to Tamme who has cut across the field.  Good coverage by the Chargers, but just an outstanding throw by Manning and good body control by Tamme to get across the goal line.  The Colts clearly knew exactly where to attack the Chargers, and the opening drive was pristine.  Anyone questioning the Indy game plan simply wasn’t paying attention.

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