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18 Plays…technical difficulties

So, last night we sat down to record 18 Plays, and spent a good 50 minutes rehashing the Steelers game. When I went to edit the recordings, I found they were worthless. For some reason, it recorded Demond talking over me, so the whole thing was a mess. Since we went to all the effort, I decided to transcribe the 18 Plays (mostly). Here’s the result. We’ll try the podcast one more time next week, but a three hour time difference between BA and Indy is making it hard. I have to wait until midnight to start recording, so it’s safe to say the future of the podcast is in doubt. 18 Plays may have to become a regular feature on the site. We’ll see.
Tony Dungy appears on Mike and Mike. He rooted for the Jets last night because of ‘tiebreakers’.
John Lynch got hit in the head one too many times. Retiring as a Buc AND a Bronco? Um, that’s just called…retiring.