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18to88 on CHFF: So many characters, so few actual  words

I suppose I could just bury this in the links section, but since I actually contributed to it, it’s getting its own spotlight.

Once again, I’ve chipped in a little over at Cold Hard Football Facts for their Monday Morning Hangover column. Whereas three of my four game writeups remain intact virtually as I wrote them, the lead story was beautifully edited.

You see, CHFF gave me the job of writing about the Jags game.  That was a delightful task offset only slightly by being given the responsibility for summing up Cleveland at Denver, which in my opinion should be punishable as a human rights violation.  So I happily recounted the tale of Kurt Warner completing virtually every pass against the Jags secondary, never dreaming that my humble words would be edited into an art form.

Folks, I really wish I could take credit for the gold that printed, but while the concept and some of the numbers are mine, I missed my chance to pile on the Sparkle Kitties (as they are now officially known on 18to88.com, except when I get lazy and still write ‘Jags’).  Fortunately, the good folks at CHFF cleaned up my mess, and created a beautiful new moniker for Mad Jack:

Jack “Tick Tick Tick” Del Rio

Damn! That’s so good!  It should have been mine!  Just as I will forever laud Bob Kravitz for gifting us with the “Dumpster Fire”, I will also praise CHFF for helping out with Tick Tick Del Rio, as he is now forever known.

By the way, has anyone noticed that Mike Peterson is playing real well down in Atlanta…  I’m glad he got out.