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Running Draft Commentary

1.)  The contract the Lions gave Matthew Stafford is insane.  In some draft years, especially this one, I’d rather have the ninth or tenth pick in the draft than the first pick. 

2.)  I am a draft watcher, but not a draft follower.  I watch the actual draft in its entirety (when possible), but I don’t get sucked in to the weeks/months of hype leading up to it.  Too much speculation.   

3.)  I haven’t researched much about the players the Colts might draft in 2009.  Frankly, I don’t see this as a crucial draft year for the team.  I actually think the roster is in good shape after last year’s draft.  Do they need additional DTs, RBs, WRs etc?  Yes.  But far more importantly I think the team needs their O-Line picks from last year to pan out.  The Colts could be a Super Bowl team right now if the line got its act together.  One viable DT wouldn’t hurt though.    

4.)  With Hunter Smith headed to Washington don’t be surprised if the Colts grab a punter in the late rounds. 

5.)  If you trust the majority of the mocks (including Kiper’s) the Colts will grab DT Peria Jerry.  DZ believes this won’t happen.  I concur.  Unless, of course, Polian manages to trade up a few spots.  Remember, the Colts have been known to make uncharacteristic moves in their never-ending pursuit to find a DT.

6.)  We are underway.  My beautiful wife is being cool about this so far.  But I told her the Colts won’t be picking until around 8:30.  So we’ll see how long her patience lasts. 

7.)  The two spot was too high for Sanchez.  I’d rather give Mark Bulger a great Tackle and see if he can raise his game.  I think he might.

8.)  I’m sure this has been covered to death, but I hate the name Peria Jerry.  His name should be Jerry Peria.  This is the kind of deep insight you can expect from me for the next four hours. 

9.)  But yeah… he’s good.

10.)  The Jets trade up and get Clevelands pick at 5.  Sanchez.  Oh Cleveland.  You better pray Lebron can beat Kobe because you are never winning a Super Bowl. 

11.)  Steve Young, Keyshawn and the gang are starting to grate on me and its only 40 minutes in.    

12.)  Darius Heyward-Bey goes seventh to the Raiders!  As a point of reference Kiper had him going 25th and I saw him going to the Colts in several mocks.  Woaa.  Above Michael Crabtree?

13.)  Jacksonville is going to get Crabtree?  Damn you Al Davis!

14.)  The J-holes take Eugene Monroe!!!  Holy crap!  Will Green Bay bite on Crabtree and force DT BJ Raji down the draft board?  That move could push Peria Jerry down the board as well!  It’s getting VERY interesting. 

15.)  The discussion:  Were the Jags scared off Crabtree because of their “bad luck” with Jerry Porter, Matt Jones, etc.  Oh my.

16.)  The Pack take Raji.  There goes my “Al Davis causes Jerry fall” domino theory.  Oh well  Just thrilled the Jags didn’t take Crabtree.  The Raiders stupid pick could still force some good players our way…

17.)  The good news:  the draft is flying.  We are through 12 picks in an hour and a half.  The Colts still need a lot of luck to land Jerry.  Knowson Moreno is off the board.  DZ was right to mock the morons in his mock drafts who let him fall to 27.      

18.)  The board is starting to look very chalky.  Not many reaches.  I’d say Polian’s chances at landing Jerry are about 15%.  Maybe its time to start thinking about Hood, Donald Brown or a WR… 

19.)  Thank you AJ Smith.  Bit of a reach for the Chargers with LB Larry English.  That helps the Colts big time.      

20.)  Tampa trades up to get Josh Freeman.  Back to back reaches!  This is huge.  (I hate the term reach.  When I say it I am merely referring to a players conventional value).  Bill Polian has to have a huge smile on his face right now.

21.)  The Eagles trade up and steal Maclin at 19.  Can’t believe we got within 8 picks of him. 

22.)  The odds of the Colts landing DT Peria Jerry are still about 15%. 

23.)  The Michael Smith segments are awkward.

24.)  The Browns take the local kid Chris Wells?  NOPE.  They “reach” on a probable second-rounder in C Alex Mack of California.  Huge.  Polian needs one or two more reaches out of his colleagues.   

25.)  The Colts won’t be drafting Percy Harvin because the Vikes have selected him at 22.  Now let’s see what the Pats do.

26.)  Will Polian trade up?  Will the Falcons take Jerry?  IT’S JUST GETTING GOOD.

27.)  Pats trade their pick to the Ravens, moving Baltimore up three spots.  Interesting.  They take Oher.  Good pick.

28.)  The Falcons appear to be the last big threat to take a DT…  Here they go… SHOCK IT’S PERIA JERRY.  DZ and I are 0% surprised and 75% disappointed.  Oh well.  We’ll get a stud.

29.)  Kiper thought Indy might like Jerry at 27.  You think? 

30.)  Very angry.  A little hungry.  Kind of tired.

31.)  And this is why we don’t get excited about the draft.  Great television, though.

32.)  It is wide open for Bill Polian… Donald Brown perhaps?  How would that make Joe Addai feel?

33.)  Wells out of OSU?

34.)  Maualuga?

35.)  Hakeem Nicks?  It’s wiiiide open after the Pats pick.

36.)  Pats trade their pick to the Packers who select Clay Matthews LB from USC.  I actually like where the Colts are at LB.  Here we gooooo.



38.)  I’m gonna chill now, but we can’t stop watching because Polian is liable to trade up.