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2010 Draft Blog

Good evening, everyone.  I’ll be checking in periodically with thoughts and musings.  I’ll pick up in intensity around pick 20.  Until then, check back every few picks for my thoughts.  Just so the record is clear, my dream pick is Jerry Hughes, but I suspect he’ll be long gone before Indy selects.

  • No one is surprised that Sam Bradford is the first overall pick.  I’m betting against him.  Why?  I always bet against the first two QBs taken.  They usually go to clueless franchises.  I’d say Bradford is in that boat.
  • Suh goes number two.  You can’t beat getting the best player in the draft.  There is hope for the Lions yet.  I guess my mock draft is shot now.
  • Through the pick Okung everything is basically chalk.  The Skins took Williams over Okung, and there haven’t been any deals.  Pretty boring draft to this point.
  • Well, we’ve got the Jags on the clock.  With rumors the Broncos are taking Tebow at 11, the pressure has to be on them.
  • Gotta love the Sparkle Kitties.  They way over reach on their pick taking some clown with a lot of vowels.  Meanwhile, the Broncos manage to trade down, which means that the Tebow watch is on for them.  Josh McDaniels really wants to destroy that franchise in the most hilarious way possible.  The only question now is:  did this pick destroy the Jaguars as a viable NFL franchise?
  • Of course not.  They never were a viable NFL franchise.
  • Finally some trades.  The Chargers moving up worries me. 
  • Now that I think about it some more, trading with Parcells to take a running back doesn’t make much sense.  That seems like a bad way to go.
  • The cursed Tim Dobbins was involved in that rather pricey deal.
  • Denver is pulling the Belchick strategy.  At some point, they need actual players though.  McDaniels is ruining that team, and I love it.
  • The Giants take Pierre-Paul.  FO hates him, but Mike Lombardi loves him.  We’ll see…
  • Mike Iupati is gone.  I think I saw him slated for the Colts at one point.
  • Pouncey goes to the Steelers. I do a dance.  I never saw the point in drafting a center in the first round.
  • Down to the final 11 picks before the Colts now.
  • The Texans go with a corner back.  No huge shock at the position.  Keep trying to draft to stop Peyton, guys.  I’m thinking Manning goes after Jackson for three scores in week one.  Welcome to the NFL, rook.  Hope you are ready.
  • Wow, so not only does McDaniels not take Tebow, but he takes another WR before Dez Bryant.  Wow.  I know he didn’t want a prima donna, but what about talent?  The Pats meanwhile acquire another pick that I’m sure they’ll deal for two more picks, never actually taking a player.
  • The Packs another tackle. Bulaga is off the board.  If the Pats pass on Hughes, I’ll be pumped.
  • Typical pick for the Cowboys.  Bryant is a big time player.  I hope he turns out to be a turd, but honestly, I don’t see it.  His character issues never seemed that bad for me.  What’s wild is how the Pats again traded back again.  If they take Hughes, so help me…
  • And there it is!  McDaniels takes Tebow and officially ruins the Broncos forever.  So hilarious.
  • Guess where the Broncos open 2010?  Jacksonville.  Too special.
  • The Cards take Dan Williams.  That was another player I saw slated by some to Indy.
  • The Pats take McCourdy a DB.  Hughes has to survive two more 3-4 teams.  Clausen’s fall might be gold for the Colts as teams might now want to trade up to take him.
  • Odrick the DT from PSU goes to Miami.  Again, I love it.  Lots of good players there for Indy.
  • The Jets take Wilson.  They are certainly deep at corner now.  Hope they figure out how to score though.  Hughes is Indy’s if they want him.  I’m still betting on the trade down.
  • Detroit trades up with the Vikings.  Frick.  I was hoping we’d get to be the trade down team.
  • The Lions take Best the RB.  It’s up to Indy now.  The only bad part about a trade down is that it means the whole night was a big boring bust.