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2nd Man Sues Marv

A second suit was filed over the incident in Philly last April.  Man, ESPN and the cops really know how to pick their sources:

In January, Philadelphia District Attorney Lynne Abraham said she would not file criminal charges because the case was steeped in conflicting witness accounts. She specifically mentioned Nixon, who initially told police he knew nothing about what happened but four days later signed a statement saying he was positive that he saw Harrison with a gun. Abraham said Nixon, who has a rap sheet for petty drug possession and is currently in jail for illegally having prescription pain pills, “admitted that he had fabricated many of the details.”

But a law enforcement source who has seen Nixon’s statements to police disagrees. The source told ESPN that while certain elements of Nixon’s story changed, his identification of Harrison remained consistent after he began cooperating. Indeed, police were so confident in his account that they placed him in protective custody for two weeks last spring. Nixon left the custody voluntarily.

It’s been said before, but they make a big deal out of this and ignore Roethlisberger.  Man, no wonder so many athletes of color are pissed at the network.