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88 Reasons to Love Marvin Harrison

88 reasons we love Marvin Harrison

1.  This catch:

2.  The Tampa Bay game – 176 yards, 2 TDs, and a big f-you to Keyshawn Johnson.

3.  This catch:

4.  He was the best receiver in a draft of great receivers.

5.  He has the most yards receiving for a Colt.

6.  He has most catches for a Colt.

7.  He most TDs as a Colt.

8.  He’s caught the most TDs from one QB.

9.  He hold the NFL record for most catches in a season.

10.  8 Pro Bowls.

11. 6 All Pro teams (do you have any idea how hard this is to do?)

12.  He has Quiet Strength.

13.  He loves TastyKakes.

14.  He has the most consecutive games with a catch as a Colt (2nd all time).

15.  He caught the first ever TD pass given up by Deon Sanders.

16.  This catch:

17.  He has the highest per season average for receptions in NFL history (93).

18.  He wants to be a teacher when he retires.

19.  He keeps every TD football so he can use them to build a chair when he retires.

20.  He spiked the ball against the Patriots.

21.  He’s been in the top 10 in catches 6 times.

22.  He’s been in the top 10 in yards receiving 7 times.

23.  He’s been in the top 10 in Touchdowns 8 times.

24.  He’s had at least 10 touchdowns for 8 straight years.

25.  He scored one of the most significant TDs in franchise history

26.   His feet are ALWAYS in bounds.

27.  He’s caught TDs from Harbaugh and Manning (and Dilger!)

28.  The passing tree pregame warmup.

29.  The off-season workouts with Peyton in the early days.

30.  His 103 yards and 3 TDs in a 24-19 win over the Chiefs in 1996.  That game put the Colts in the playoffs and a star was born.

31.  Because of him, Reggie Wayne is always open.

32.  Because he befriended a young rookie named Tarik Glenn.

33.  He is better than any receiver not named Jerry Rice.

34.  This catch:

35.  He caught passes in the same game with Marshall Faulk, Edgerrin James, and Joseph Addai.

36.  He was there when we were good.  He was there when we sucked.  He was there when we were good again.

37.  Somehow he still gets open deep.

38.  His sweet spin move away from the defender.

39.  He lets his play speaks for him.

40.  You can’t stop him you can only hope to contain him.

41.  He doesn’t run, he glides.

42.  He’s just chillin’.

43.  This catch:

44.  He is as amazing in practice as he is in the game.

45.  He was 6 for 85 with a TD in his first game.

46.  He averages almost 6 catches a game.  That’s a record.

47.  He proved something good can come from Syracuse football.

48.  He hates speaking in public.

49.  His numbers suggest he may actually be getting better.

50.  He signed autographs for us at H.H. Gregg in 1998 (the year he hurt his shoulder).

51.  After wrapping up a second consecutive 3-13 season, I told him the Colts were going to the Super Bowl the next year.

52.  They didn’t.  But they did go 13-3, staging the biggest single-season turnaround in league history.

53.  He’s the anti-Peyton.  He doesn’t do commercials very often, but when he does they are bad.  Fred McGriff bad.

54.  He’s a good dad.

55.  His OCD makes him the Jerry Seinfeld of the NFL.

56.  When he drops a ball, as a fan you are never mad.  You know that it is his one drop for the season.

57.  He shares a name with Marvin Gaye, Marvin Hagler, and Marvin the martian.

58.  Chuck Norris thinks Marvin is fast.

59.  His 10 career tackles put him ahead of Gilbert Gardner.

60.  He’s lost only 7 fumbles in his entire career.

61.  He’s sexier than any of us want to admit.

62.  He’s no Terrell Owens.

63.  He’s much, much better.

64.  He made it through Super Bowl media day, and his heart didn’t explode.

65.  You’ll never catch him on Dancing with the Stars.

66.  This is every bit as much the Harrison era as it is the Manning Era.

67.  It’s a new millennium and he brought his mustache with him.

68.  This ad:

69.  He was too shy to talk at the XLI parade.  When his teammates finally forced him, the fans screamed so loud you couldn’t hear him.  Forrest Gump style.

70.  We’ll never hear from Marvin again when he chooses to retire.  He is destined to become a myth, like the yeti.

71.  He’s one of the triplets.

72.  His greatness is contagious.  See:  Manning, Glenn, James, and Wayne.

73.  Someday there will be a statue of Peyton-in-passing-motion in front of Lucas Oil Stadium and 40 yards away there will be a statue of Marvin making the leaping grab.

74.  He loves Philly like we love Indy.

75.  He keeps a note from Raymond Berry in his locker.

76.  He is Marvelous.

77.  He communicates with #18 with hand signals.  Its basically the same system that the Navy Seals use.

78.  He loves his mom.

79.  He is Starvin’.

80.  According to the Washington Post “Harrison has pulled off a very neat trick: He has become great without becoming famous”

81.  He drinks juice.  How awesome is that?

82.  According to Dwight Freeney:  “I wouldn’t be surprised if Marvin was into one of those — what do you call ’em — things where you go into the wilderness, fishing and hunting, and being by yourself.”

83.  He’s getting his Masters in consumer affairs from Syracuse.

84.  He almost never has to yell, scream or go horse.

85.  Marvin and Tony Dungy could have a badass staring contest.

86.  He randomly returned a punt in 2005 and didn’t call fair catch.

87.  He plays on the hands team.

88.  He’ll be the first Colt from the first title team in Indianapolis to be elected to the Hall of Fame.