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I’m working on a longer and more substantial article on offensive line play, but it may take a couple of days.  For now, I just wanted to take this chance to acclimate new readers to the site.  If you are new to 18to88, here’s what you need to know:

First, check out the Authors page as well as the Official 18to88.com Glossary.  It will catch you up on some of the inside jokes, terminology, and presuppositions of the site.

If haven’t already, sign up for my twitter feed and facebook friend me.

In general, I try to do one major post a day, plus follow any breaking story.  Additionally, be sure to check out the Daily Links to the left.  Throughout the day, I’ll post articles related to anything that interests me.  RSS feeds for both are available in the left column.

On the right, you’ll see our Articles (longer, more in depth posts go there), as well as Fixtures.  Fixtures are articles that form the heart of 18to88.com and typically relate to Colts history.

Make sure to sign up for an account and comment on stories.  The best part of 18to88 is the reader interaction which tends to be well reasoned, often hilarious, and generally enlightening.  I read every comment, and respond.  18to88 is a conversation.  Granted, it’s a conversation that I dominate, but it is a conversation.  I’ve only ever banned one person from 18to88, and that was for saying truly inhuman things about a person who had died. Currently, the commenting system (NOT the ads) makes the site load slowly.  We are working on adding a state of the art commenting system, but for now just have patience.  It’s coming.  I hate it as much as you do, believe me.

Many have wondered how to sponsor or support 18to88 financially.  That’s a good question.  I have a real job, but the long term viability of this site depends on some regular modest revenue.  There are great ways you can help:

  • First, buy my book!  Blue Blood is a fan’s history of the Colts.  If you are here reading this site, then the book is for you.  I do have signed copies for sale, but you have email me directly for those.
  • Use the TiqIQ service.  TiqIQ is sweet because it doesn’t sell you anything. If you buy tickets over StubHub or a similar service, just go through the link on the banner first.  You’ll find the best available price, and 18to88 gets a cut at no cost to you.  Seriously, we get a nice cut, so do it!
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We are recording 18 Plays (our weekly podcast) tonight, and Eyes in the Backfield is on target for Friday.  I hope to have my follow up piece to yesterday’s article about the line ready later today, but it could get long, so no promises. It might not see the light of day until Saturday.

So, new readers, I’m glad you are here.  Jump in, get involved, and have fun.