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A Higher Plane: The MMTTB report

If science has taught us anything, it’s that the highest plane of human evolution will lead us to become beings of pure energy and light. It seems that such heady days are finally upon us. In Green Bay, reporters have been noting a bright sheen around the heads of Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy for weeks now. On Sunday afternoon, these two immortal football men broke forever the bonds of their fleshly bodies and entered a higher plane of being. Thanks to Aaron Rodgers’ evisceration of the mighty Detroit Lions, coupled with Brett Favre’s inability to tame the hapless Patriots, Thompson and McCarthy have transcended this dimension and gained the ability to move unencumbered through time and space, existing freely at all points in the continuum at once. Mike Greenberg of ESPN affirmed their greatness by declaring Aaron Rodgers “the best quarterback in the NFL”. Wear glasses in their presence, boys. Staring directly at them can cause retinal damage.

Whitlock is sweating this about as much as I am.

ESPN the Rag has a cool feature on the Addai Master

And one on ‘dynamic duos’

Peter King likes the Jags. He’d better, his rep is in trouble if they lose.

Scouts Inc looks at the next King of the Hill after Manning and Brady. My favorite line is from Jeremy Green on weaknesses:
It would be easy to say Rivers’ arm strength, but that arm did pass the Chargers into the AFC Championship Game.
No it didn’t Jeremy. Rivers left the game trailing. Billy Volek’s arm took the Chargers to the AFC Championship game.