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A look at Offense

Stan sends us this excellent look at Oklahoma State’s offense.

Stan says:

This guy is a HS coach and he knows football.  His blog, Smart Football, is outstanding.  The whole thing is worth reading, but the money quote (for you):

“One way to counteract this, however, is to make your play-action look as much like a run as possible. Sometimes that’s done with better technique, but there is maybe no better way to disguise your play-action as a run than to actually use the same blocking for scheme for both. For example, the Cowboys fake their counter play a lot, and they use the exact same action by the pulling guard for both — it is often quite deadly for defenders who bite on the fake. Indeed, Gundy and Brewer got this from the masters of play-action, Tom Moore and Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts.”

This goes back to the heart of what we were saying recently about the stretch play.  Using the same blocking for passes and runs confuses the defense.  Defenders see the stretch and neither the blocking, the back, or the QB gives any indication of pass or run until the last possible moment.  It’s brilliant football.