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A quick comment on Dusty…

I wanted to weigh in the Reds hiring Dusty. Other than Homer Bailey realizing that his career will be over in another two seasons (see Prior, Mark and Wood, Kerry), this is probably the right hire. I said before the hiring another JV manager just because the team responded to a guy getting fired was the wrong course. Dusty took the Giants to the series (a rare feat indeed), and if it wasn’t for Cubs fans not understanding the rules of baseball, he would have had the Cubs there too. He is also a three time Manager of the Year. That’s pretty amazing. Yeah, his team melted down at the end of the season a few years back, but then again, it is the Cubs, so everyone was sort of expecting it. I’m not thrilled like I would be if they had waited out the Yankees and offered the job to Joe Torre or Joe Girardi, but this is a whole lot better than the last THREE managers have been. Remember, this is a team that has employed both Bob Boone and Ray Knight as managers in the last 15 years.

Dusty ain’t that bad at all.