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A Review of the 2010 Projected Standings (Harrison Ford Style)

Every year, I go back and check out how well I predicted the NFL season.

My predictions this year did fairly well.  Normally, I would go back and add commentary to the original piece, but formatting concerns have made that basically impossible, so I’ll post my review here.

On the AFC side, I got 5 of 6 playoff teams right. I only missed on the Chargers, but I did have Kansas City at 8-8, so I wasn’t far off. I flipped the Ravens and Steelers, but did have Pittsburgh as a playoff team.  Considering they both finished 12-4, I’m ok with that.

On the NFC side, I only had 3 of 6. I nailed the Packers, Saints and Falcons, but had the Bears and Eagles at 8-8.  Ironically, I had the Seahawks at 7-9, but figured SOMEONE in the West would manage to finish at least .500, picking the Cardinals (with a gun to my head) to finish 8-8. 

As far as exact records go, I nailed the Dolphins, Ravens, Saints, and Seahawks and was off one on the Bills, Titans, Giants, Falcons, and 49ers.  The teams I completely whiffed on are:  the Jags (+4…luckiest team ever), Cowboys (-5…Romo got hurt), Redskins (-4…too much faith in McNabb), and the Buccaneers (+5…no one saw that coming).

The comments I wish I could redo in hindsight:

Indianapolis Colts:  “It’s not the years, it’s the mileage”

Dallas Cowboys:  He thinks that morals are paintings on walls and scruples are money in Russia.

Chicago Bears: “My gun! I need my gun…the bullets? Not much good without them!”

Detroit Lions:- What’s that you’re taking?

-Xanax. My doctor prescribed them for situations of tension, and I think this qualifies.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers:  Scientists get all sensible & careful when they get old. Young ones like risk, not afraid of new ideas… & you can pay ’em less.