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The deputation of 18to88.com readers is working.  BP chimes in with this gem:

I had the privilege to meet Jeff Saturday this past weekend. I met him
in the Las Vegas airport while we both waited to catch a flight to
Indy. All-in-all, he seems to be a genuinely great guy and was a
pleasure to talk with.

He took the time to greet, shake the hand, and
look into the eyes of every fan who wanted to say hi. He also freely
gave his opinions on the Colts’ coaching situation, the young players
on the line, defensive tackles around the league, and his confidence in
next season.

As for Mudd and Moore, he didn’t tell me anything
different than he told Chappell. When I asked him about Metzelaars, he
expressed the highest confidence and noted that Pete is a very capable
coach who is a “real Xs & Os type of coach.”

 And as for the younger
players, he thinks that their starting experience last year and the
fact that the line still has long-time veterans in himself and Diem
bodes very well for their development and the play of this year’s line.

When another fan asked him about his opinion of the best defensive
linemen in the league (or the ones he most enjoys going up against),
Saturday noted several names, including Vince Wilfork and Jamal
Williams, and he specifically mentioned that he thinks Haloti Ngata is
a player everyone should watch. So there you go, my brief, starry-eyed
conversation with one of the Colts’ all-time-greats. Bob Kravitz, eat
your heart out!

Thanks man.  Tremendous.  It reminds me of my brief run in with 63, only yours had actual interaction.  By the way, my wife goes in for a C-Section a 6:30 AM.  Forgive me if I’m hard to reach.  Know that the loss of anonymity didn’t suddenly sap my accountability!