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AJ Smith Enjoys Boring Other People

There is no GM in football who I personally root against with more vigor than AJ Smith (and yes, that includes Scott Pioli who I mostly just assume is Belichick’s lapdog). Smith has had a pretty checkered record in San Diego, both drafting incredibly well in some areas, while royally screwing the QB position. My dislike of him essentially boils down to his shoddy treatment of Drew Brees (to whom he never really gave a chance), and his bizarre little game of making Eli stand up with the Chargers jersey, just to spite him. He’s already cost the Chargers a Super Bowl by drafting Phil Rivers (who has yet to prove to anyone that he’s actually good at QB). And then he made the idiot mistake of letting Brees walk without getting anything in return for him. But today he gave me one more reason to dislike him. With the draft buzzing along quickly and managing to be enjoyable for the first time ever, AJ Smith logs in as the voice of dissent:

“I don’t like it,” said San Diego general manager A.J. Smith, who was opposed to the idea from the beginning, “because I just want five minutes. It didn’t affect anything, but I like it (the old way) because I’d have five more minutes. I don’t know if I would need them, but I do know that if I did I’d have five more minutes.”

Nice there A.J. So the league hits upon a way to make the draft more watchable (perhaps even leading to a lucrative prime time TV slot), and you don’t like it. Why don’t you like? Because you’d just like to have 5 more minutes. Ok. I see your point. Why don’t we just take 20 minutes between picks? Or 30? Would you like an hour? I don’t know that you’d need it it, but I do know that if you did, you have another 50 minutes! So everyone else thought they had plenty of time, and the increased revenue better ratings could bring does nothing but help the league, but we should go back to the lumbering 15 minutes format just in case you happen to maybe need 5 more minutes.