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All Belichick’s Men

Gregg Easterbrook of TMQ is raising hell over the Pats scandal. In one of the most fascinating and well argued pieces of the year, Easterbrook continues to claim that all is not right with the Pats cheating scandal despite league claims that the issue is closed.

Among his claims:

*The NFL refuses to specifically deny that the Patriots cheated in their Super Bowl wins
*The NFL refuses to explain why all the evidence was destroyed when it posed no risk to keep it
*The Patriots delayed at least 5 days in turning over evidence to the league.

Also, check out Ask Vic today. Mark from Little Rock asks:

Do you get a sense the wheels are already in motion to work out a deal that gets Matt Jones out of Jacksonville via a trade?

Vic: No, I don’t think he’ll be traded.

Yeah, Mark! There’s a huge market out there for useless huge guys who can’t catch. Vic’s answer was his way of saying, NO MORON! He’s getting cut. Jags fans are stuuuuupid.