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All I can muster to say about the NBA

I hope Reggie doesn’t come back. I heard him on Dan Patrick today, and it sounds like he wants to, but is testing his body to see if he can. I dunno, I really just hope it doesn’t happen. That’s totally selfish of me, I realize. Reggie is free to do whatever he wants, but somehow, the thought of him playing in Conseco in another uniform makes me sick. I won’t hold it against him obviously, if he does come back and play, but I’m not sure I’ll be rooting for the Celts just because he’s there. Stay in my memory, Reg. You’re safe there.

There have been lots of little stories around the web and radio about the Colts in recent days. I’m finding it hard to muster the will to care. Colin Cowherd acted like a fool this morning and started claiming that only yellers can win in the NFL. He then sited Tom Coughlin as an example of a good coach who yells. He also said Tony Dungy doesn’t count, because he got fired from Tampa. Whatever. He’s such a moron and a poser that it barely merits comment. Most everything he said about Tony can be refuted by the article on Dungy’s HoF credentials on the main page. Everyone who listens to Cowherd knows his show has jumped the shark. He’s run out of stuff to talk about, so he gets off on being crass and argumentative. Blech.