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Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Hello, fellow readers and posters. My name is Robert Itoh and I just recently received an opportunity to write my thoughts and opinions about the Indianapolis Colts by the head writer of this fine site, Brett Mock. Though I may seem new to the block, several of you may remember by my pseudonyms, metal_militia at Stampede Blue and Robert I. at 18to88.

While here, I plan on providing the same content that has given me the recognition to ascend to where I am today. That means series like “Five Things I Think I Know” will be a fixture here on Coltzilla. I will also try to provide as much original content and analysis as I can regarding the latest news surrounding the Colts and break down the players and games as training camp and the season get started.

My hope is to help Brett make this site one of the most insightful and comprehensive sources for Colts content on the net, joining the ranks of Stampede Blue and 18to88 as one of the first places Colts fans come for their football fix.

I can’t wait to get started! GO COLTS!