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Among the best

Michael Silver, who continues his exile from public consciousness by writing for yahoo.com, has released his annual owner rankings. This time he gives a lot more love to Jimmy Irsay. I still can’t fathom his love affair with Dan Snyder, but being in the top 6 is a good start. Irsay has been everything a fan could hope for in an owner.
Who’s the worst? Look to our brothers in the AFC South…the Jholes! Yes folks, Wayne Weaver was ranked as the worst owner in the NFL. The write up on him is hilarious…
“He’s totally and completely out for his bottom line, and the league’s best interest is not in his mind at all.” Echoed a second owner: “He’s been actively trying to sell for a year-and-a-half, and he’s totally checked out. He knows it won’t work in Jacksonville.”

Links: CHFF lists the best coaches of all time. The results prompt them to call the Colts/Pats rivalry perhaps the greatest ever. The 49ers and Cowboys of the 90s might argue with that, but if one of those two teams takes home another title or two, the debate will be settled.