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An Outstanding Game

Mid way through the third quarter, we all were having the same reaction:  this game is a grind.

The Colts’ defense was uncharacteristically giving up big plays. The offense was stuck in molasses, and the Broncos were on the verge of erasing a 13 point Indy lead.

Then an hour later, you look up at the scoreboard to see Indy 27 Denver 13.  The Colts won by two touchdowns on the road, in tough conditions (crazy heat and altitude).  They won while using a practice squad wideout, a undrafted rookie left tackle, a 7th round linebacker, and various and sundry other loose parts.

We spent most of the day lambasting the secondary.  The truth is they allowed one touchdown and gift wrapped the offense with one of their own.  Kyle Orton threw for approximate 10,000 yards, but scored just 13 points.  The offense was missing pieces left and right and put up 27 points on the road.  The defensive line was mugged and never so much as breathed on Orton, but turned in a remarkable run stuffing performance led by Gary Brackett’s clutch goal line tackle.

As much as I questioned the coaching in week one, week three showed why this team continues to win: they don’t beat themselves.  To date, the Colts have exactly two turnovers on the year.  One was a triple hit on Collie and the other was Devin Moore’s garbage time fumble. The Broncos turned it over twice just yesterday. The Colts had just four penalties on the day for less than 30 yards (the Broncos had double). The Colts’ redzone execution was impeccable.  The Broncos’ was imperceptible.  Denver piled up yards.  Indy piled up points.

Tip your hat, Mr. Caldwell.  You have a well coached team.

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