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And the Two Shall Become One..

Demond Sanders and Deshawn Zombie kill time talking about racing…

DS: they finally reached a deal on the merger

DZ (3:18:37 PM): oh great

DZ (3:18:42 PM): about time

DS (3:18:45 PM): I’m not sure it matters much since it’s basically a bankrupt series

DZ (3:18:54 PM): Champ you mean?

DZ (3:19:15 PM): People can dog Tony George all they want,

DZ (3:19:22 PM): but the CART guys were morons

DZ (3:19:30 PM): who clearly didn’t understand the market

DZ (3:19:38 PM): to think they could survive without the 500

DS (3:19:47 PM): yeah i guess that’s true

DZ (3:19:48 PM): they should have done what ever TG wanted

DZ (3:20:10 PM): TG’s vision for the sport was better than theirs, he had all the leverage

DZ (3:20:26 PM): and they tried to go it alone

DZ (3:20:31 PM): it was a dumb

DZ (3:20:38 PM): TG’s still rich

DZ (3:20:45 PM): so who was smart and who was stupid?

DZ (3:21:02 PM): BTW: I didn’t realize that Ryan Newman is a Hoosier

DZ (3:21:06 PM): Hoosiers rule

DS (3:21:07 PM): he’s not

DZ (3:21:10 PM): he is

DS (3:21:12 PM): he’s a boilermaker – puke

DZ (3:21:16 PM): lol

DS (3:21:19 PM): not

DS (3:21:20 PM): the

DS (3:21:21 PM): same

DS (3:21:22 PM): thing

DZ (3:21:24
he is a native, I mean

DS (3:21:27 PM): south bender i believe

DZ (3:21:30 PM): yeah, his mom still lives there

DZ (3:21:48 PM): my point is for ‘screwing the South purposes’

DZ (3:21:51 PM): he’s a Hoosier

DS (3:21:58 PM): he seems like a Purdue grad – bo-ring

DS (3:22:05 PM): yeah he and tony Stewart were dueling

DS (3:22:08 PM): so that was cool

DS (3:23:26 PM): tony should probably have kept some non-ovals to start with

DS (3:23:34 PM): he ended up having to add some anyway

DZ (3:23:45 PM): sure, but in principle he was right

DZ (3:24:00 PM): nascar took over, and I promise you that it wouldn’t have if it was mostly road races

DZ (3:24:12 PM): road racing is nice once in awhile

DS (3:24:16 PM): yeah

DZ (3:24:19 PM): but it’s mostly boring

DS (3:24:22 PM): right

DS (3:24:33 PM): its appeals to a completely different sensibility

DZ (3:24:45 PM): an effeminate Eurotrash sensibility

DS (3:24:56 PM): people that like to see the cars accelerate and brake a lot

DS (3:24:59 PM): but it is boring

DZ (3:25:09 PM): it’s ok, as long as there are places you can pass

DZ (3:25:23 PM): but on most courses in F1 there is NO PASSING

DZ (3:25:30 PM): where you qualify is where you finish

DZ (3:25:33 PM): it’s insane

DS (3:25:37 PM): yeah and they didn’t like Indy because of the straight away

DZ (3:25:55 PM): right, and you actually could get by somebody

DS (3:26:27 PM): he’s getting Paul Tracey and who else?

DZ (3:26:40 PM): clarity in the market place

DS (3:26:44 PM): there’s like one other guy cause Bordeiax went to F1

DS (3:26:49 PM): yeah

DS (3:28:04 PM): graham Rahal

DZ (3:28:05 PM): I can hear the Japanese guys now…

DZ (3:28:08 PM): cancel?

DZ (3:28:13 PM): you want to cancel?

DS (3:28:25 PM): although he’s destined to for F1 I’ve heard


DS (3:29:10 PM): and BRUNO JUNQUIERA’s coming back!

DZ (3:29:18 PM): nice

DZ (3:29:55 PM): hopefully, they’ll start making inroads on Nascar

DZ (3:29:59 PM): they have the better product

DZ (3:30:04 PM): Nascar is unwatchable

DZ (3:30:14 PM): it’s slow

DZ (3:30:19 PM): too may cars

DZ (3:30:27 PM): too many races

DS (3:30:38 PM): i know

DS (3:30:48 PM): they’ll be like “THEY’RE GOING FOUR WIDE”

DS (3:30:57 PM): and I’ll be like where? I just see a giant mass of cars


DS (3:31:08 PM): right


DZ (3:31:35 PM): You watch Indy cars and you can’t help but think…

DZ (3:31:43 PM): somebody is going home in a body bag today

DZ (3:31:52 PM): now that’s a thrill you can sell!

DS (3:31:58 PM): totally

DS (3:32:14 PM): yeah how lame much Dario Franchitti feel?

DS (3:32:34 PM): he goes from world class badass to 35th place finisher!

DZ (3:32:53 PM): something tells me he was doing ok by bed time

DS (3:32:58 PM): well sure

DS (3:33:20 PM): but it’s just so anti-climactic, no pun intended

DS (3:33:34 PM): you win the biggest race in the world

DS (3:33:46 PM): and then you are a nobody with a terrible car

DZ (3:33:57 PM): but with a bag of cash

DS (3:34:11 PM): I’m sure he, as a little boy growing up in Glasgow, thought “I’m going to race in the Daytona 500 some day!”

DS (3:34:27 PM): it’s such a marketing ploy, the whole race

DZ (3:34:47 PM): I don’t get it entirely, because they run like half a dozen races on that track

DZ (3:34:55 PM): so who cares?

DS (3:34:50 PM): it was never the biggest race until like 10 years ago

DS (3:35:04 PM): now suddenly it’s the great American race

DZ (3:35:49 PM): half the drivers in it would rather win the Brickyard if given the choice

DS (3:35:49 PM): it’s freaking February and they’ll be running until September

DZ (3:35:55 PM): We can only hope this merger can do something about it