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“And I thought they were soft on the outside”

From the Onion’s AV Club, comes the story of ThinkGeek’s April Fool’s Day joke gone horribly, horribly right.

You can follow the story with the link, but long story short, a new Tauntaun sleeping bag has been accidentally invented.


 I just shared this news with Demond.  What follows is an actual transcript of the chat:

DZ (4:19:25 PM): YOU MUST SEE THIS!!!
Demond (4:19:44 PM): oh
Demond (4:19:45 PM): my
Demond (4:19:49 PM): oh
Demond (4:19:50 PM): my
Demond (4:19:51 PM): oh
Demond (4:19:52 PM): my
Demond (4:20:11 PM): is that real?
DZ (4:20:16 PM): read the article
Demond (4:20:56 PM): YES
Demond(4:21:00 PM): I WILL
Demond (4:21:02 PM): OWN ONE
Demond (4:21:05 PM): AND SLEEP
Demond (4:21:07 PM): IN IT
Demond (4:21:27 PM): it even has intestine patterning on the inside!

Coming tomorrow:  John Oesher answers 18 Questions. 

Mike Tanier has a little quiz and talks about TEs up the seam

The NY Times looks at the Colts and the draft

The Reds are a darkhorse?  Mark my words, this team will be horrible.  They are still a year away.  They have no reliable SS, 3B, or CF.&nbs
p; Oh, and they still have another massive hole in a corner outfield spot.  They won’t score runs.  Ever.  If Harang, Volquez, and Cueto all pitch at a near Cy Young level (which I suppose each has in them), then maybe.  It’s not something I would bet on though.  How bad is their offense?  I actually WANT them to sign Sheffield.  That’s how bad.

Me too, Mr. President.  So say we all.

The Bears get Cutler and a third for 2 firsts and Orton.  I guess our schedule just got easy next year.  Josh McDaniels will be unemployed in three seasons (at the most).