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Are you creeped out too?

This has been a weird season for the Colts. Adam Vinatieri and Peyton Manning have been called out by the same media who usually find them flawless. The defense hasn’t allowed more than 25 points in a game and is clearly the team’s best unit. They are playing most of the season without old standbys Marvin Harrison and Dwight Freeney, not to mention Tarik Glenn. It’s like if the producers of ‘Lost’ suddenly replaced the actors who play Jack and Locke with Andy Garcia and Steve Buscemi. Just creepy.

It hasn’t just been the Colts, though. The NFC is suddenly competitive. Jacksonville actually has to be considered one of the AFC’s best teams. Five weeks ago the Patriots were being bandied about as the greatest team of all time, with no visible flaws. Today, Bill Simmons is forced to defend his beloved club because it would appear they are only an eyelash better than the Baltimore Ravens. The Packers are suddenly the fourth best team in the league. Cleveland has an explosive offense and a winning record. What is going on?! We might see 16-0 and 0-16 in the same season and Cam Cameron will have a huge hand in both feats. Okay, at least one thing is as it should be.