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Back in the ‘Tina Links

20 hours of travel with three kids.

Links are all you are getting today!

BBS talks special teams. Good note about Fisher and James.

Phil B throws no stones at John Gill.  I loved this piece.  He’s right on the money.  I was never a carouser, but I empathize anyway.  The Colts are handling this beautifully.

Kravitz summerizes the Hall debate nicely. I have no major nit picks, other than I think Dungy’s case is stronger than he does, though his commentary is accurate.  Freeney needs 5 more good years.  Wayne and Saturday need rings.

I love Gonzo.  Sometimes it sounds like I don’t like Garcon.  I need to work on that.  I love Garcon too and I think he’s everything a Colt should be.  I just happen to love Gonzo as a player a bit more.  The man wants it.

*On regaining timing with Manning: It’s not like it’s my rookie year. We have two and a half years of experience to draw from. Obviously last year got cut very short for me, so we weren’t starting at Square One by any means. The other thing is, I stayed involved. I stayed in Indy, even though I was hurt the whole year. I was in the meetings listening. I wasn’t physically going through everything, but mentally, maybe I was. I think you can get around some of those issues if you stay mentally into it.

There will be no hangover.  Enough said.

Jerry Hughes is going to be great.

Mock recaps Monday.  Love the note on Eldrige

FO wonders if Wayne will pay off in fantasy

Reggie Wayne, Indianapolis Colts (100 catches, 16.9 plus-minus)
Going after one of the league’s best wideouts? Hold your horses. We’re not saying Wayne is suddenly going to become a mediocre receiver, just that his ridiculous figure of 100 catches on 134 catchable passes isn’t likely to recur. He had a similar plus-minus in 2007 (18.3 on 142 targets), but he was well below those totals in 2006 (12.1 on 128 targets) and 2008 (8.6 on 124 targets). He’ll still be good, but fantasy owners expecting something like his performance from last season can probably drop six catches, 80 yards and a touchdown off their projections and end up with a more accurate figure for Wayne’s 2010 line.

The Colts have built their popularity in an unconventional way.

Tip to @xtrarant, is Curtis Painter some kind of big foot?  What’s with that insane picture?  It’s like he’s a UFO or something.

Hartz covered this morning’s workout

  • Joseph Addai jerseys remain on sale at $30 in the Colts Pro Shop. The conspiracy theorist in me makes me wonder what this means for the running back’s future with the team, but the realist in me knows they just printed too many. A Peyton Manning 1955 “throwback” — with the only change from the current uniform being the stripes are below the numbers on the sleeve — is retailing for $90.
  • I noted this as well.  Buy an Addai jersey and a MJax jersey for cheap.  They will remain classic.

    Let us never forget.