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With all the depressing crap happening with IU basketball, let’s go back to something cheery, huh? Making fun of the Patriots. I got this email from Sam Daughtery of the USAF

Below is a perfect example of why I despise the Pats. It is a response to an e-mail I sent to a friend that had some funny photoshop pictures of why it’s great that they lost.

“This sh** might be funny down there in Tennessee, but up here in New England, where our first sexual encounter is with someone other than our sister, this is not funny! Tom Brady already has more Championships that both mongoloid brothers combined. And I would make a bet he finishes with twice as many as the Manning queers! This e-mail has made me so mad I can’t even see straight right now. That horse tooth jackas$%#% in Indy has been in the league longer than Brady and he only has one ring even though he’s had all world type receivers for years! Talk about being an underachiever who takes up 20% of Indy’s cap space…….nothing but a horse tooth jackas#$%# who flaps his wings and lips at the line of scrimmage. That’s all I’ve got to say about that.”

Here was my response: “That’s exactly the kind of response I expected to get from most of the holier-than-thou types that live north of the Mason-Dixon line. If it wasn’t for the constant (let’s shove it in everyone face) attitude, they wouldn’t have to endure these types of e-mails.

This has been the first true test of New England fans and so far they have failed miserably. They are just as sore losers as they are sore winners. I would have no problem rooting for a team like the Pats if it were not for their horrible fans.

What surprises me about this person is with all that superior vocabulary & northern education, they couldn’t do get their point a crossed without name calling & cheap shots. This e-mail makes me glad that I’m a Southern gentleman.

Right on man. Right on. This was nice compared with some of the emails we’ve gotten. Here’s the pics that caused the problem in the first place. . .

That one is my personal favorite: