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Belichick is smart and all, but…

This piece is over the top.  Listen, I’ve said 100 times that Bill Belichick is an incredible coach.  He’s the best of this era.  He’s on the all-time Rushmore of coaches.  I mean, he’s so good he won three Super Bowls with Tom Brady as his QB (wink).

All that aside, can we chill on the praise a little?

Mike Freeman claims he’s a genius based on fact that he said almost nothing in the Mike Vick situation.

Belichick played a lot of people for stone, cold suckers.

What Belichick did with Vick demonstrated, yet again, that Belichick isn’t just the best tactician on the field, he’s also a master at screwing with people’s heads off of it.

When Belichick was asked about Vick he praised the quarterback in what appeared to be — for Belichick at least — an open declaration of Vick lust.

“Michael is an outstanding player, hasn’t played in a couple of years,” Belichick said. “But right now, our focus is on our team and our players and trying to get the New England Patriots ready, and so that’s really where my attention’s been. But he’s a tremendous athlete. Where exactly he is right now, I don’t know.”

Wait, why does saying that make BB a genious?  Freeman will tell you…

Reporters put Belichick’s words through the various Belichick ciphers and concluded the Patriots coach was interested. Thus the rumors of Vick to the Patriots gained steam across the Internet with irrational exuberance. Vick even crossed into Elvis territory when one newspaper reported Vick was actually in New England practicing. He wasn’t.

Somewhere — and this is guaranteed — as the Patriots and Vick rumors swelled Belichick was laughing his diabolical ass off.

Because according to an NFL source, Belichick never had any terrific interest in Vick. He just wanted other teams to think he did.

Why? Belichick enjoys toying with his competitors and the media the way a cat does a mouse before finally lowering the boom.

Ooooooh, I get it now.  Reporters are stupid.  Thanks for clearing that up, Mike.  Belichick gave them an utterly lukewarm endorsement that in NO WAY sounded like he was interested in Vick…go back and read the words again.  No reasonable person should have thought that any of that meant that he was interested in Vick.

Beyond that, what advantage did he gain for his “scheme”?  Do you think the Buffalo Bills lost a minute of prep time wondering if they were going to have to face the Vick in a Pats uniform this year?

Seriously, folks. Let’s all just calm down a bit.

If anything, he’s just screwing with the media because he hates the media.  He’s a petty man, and he probably just wanted to make the Pats beat guys do a little extra work.  More likely, he just felt no need to be mean about Vick, and everyone else just went crazy.

Instead of writing an article about how utterly irresponsible his peers were for blowing single statement way out of proportion, he chose to praise Belichick for hoodwinking the NFL…even though to date no one has signed Vick and now everyone knows he never wanted to.  His great gambit did what?  Bought 48 hours of uncertainty?  The only people who gave a crap about this work for the Boston Herald or WEEI.  The only people fooled wear press credentials.

The only person impressed is Mike Freeman.