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Better late than never…

Eyes in the Backfield is up. There were some links here and there today, but nothing I really feel jazzed about passing on. The there was a nice summary of some national opinions in the Star.com today. My quote of the day comes from a meeting with a radio exec doing a focus group. I’m not making this up:

If you want to bleed listeners, put on a Fever game. We could go around and hit people in the head repeatedly until they changed the channel from our station, or we could just put on a Fever game. It’s a lot faster.

WNBA action. . . it’s faaaaaaaantastic!

Also, I want to take a break from my normal fare and recommend the Darjeeling Limited. If you like Wes Anderson, you won’t be disappointed. If you don’t, then I doubt this will turn your crank. I love Anderson movies, and put this at #2 behind Tenenbaums. That’s no criticism. I went to see it with my friend Tim and it was amusing to see the whole theater was basically 25-30 year old guys seeing a movie with their buddy. There were like 2 women in the theater. We fit the target demographic pretty much to a T.

Wow, with this level of personal detail, it’s practically a chick blog now. Sorry about that. Just read Eyes in the Backfield. That’s all I really wanted to say.