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Big Sexy Hearts Randy Moss

He said it not me (ok, I’ve said it a few times). 

Jason Whitlock commented on Matt Cassel’s huge new contract today by saying that Randy Moss makes QBs rich.

This column is about Randy Moss. He deserves to be regarded as one
of the 15 or 20 best players of all-time. It’s ridiculous that he’s
never won the league’s MVP award. He should’ve won the award in 1998
outright and should’ve shared the award with Tom Brady in 2007.

reminds me of Shaquille O’Neal. Shaq has one MVP award and four NBA
titles. Steve Nash has two MVP awards and no NBA Finals appearances.

his prime, we took O’Neal for granted because he was so much bigger and
more dominant than his competitors. We didn’t think it was fair.

made the same mistake with Randy Moss. Not since Jim Brown has a single
offensive player had the kind of impact Moss has on the game.

That sounds pretty similar to what we said not too long ago.  In discussing Marvin Harrison’s rank among the all-time greats, we noted:

We aren’t going to argue about Randy Moss
either.  While Marvin is comparable to
Moss in many ways, we consider Moss to be one of the most devastating offensive
weapons in the history of football, and so in a completely subjective sense will not argue about his ranking.  The
only question about Moss is, “Why hasn’t he become the unquestioned greatest
receiver ever?”

Whitlock may have been trying to stir up trouble and controversy with his ‘bold’ opinion, but nothing could be more obvious and undeniable.

Randy Moss is a king maker.