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Block the Lockout Contest Winner

A few days ago, I asked everyone to contribute by finishing a sentence.

“A lockout means…”

The NFLPA has promised a prize to the winner.  As of now, the prize is rumored to be either a Colts jersey or possibly signed memorabilia by a Colts player.  I don’t have final confirmation yet, but i told you it was worth winning.

All of you did a great job.  There were 81 comments in the thread, and while not all were contest entries, several had multiple answers.

Below are the top 10 answers in chronological order:

The lockout means 18to88 will spend way too much time talking about the Cincinnati Reds-NKManahan (also disqualified for being my friend)

The Lockout means the Jaguars can take their time accessorizing, and add matching glitter to their facemasks, shoes, gloves, mascot, stadium, Tim Tebow-Bubba

The lockout means Indy won’t host the Super Bowl-The Josh Baker

The lockout means a better chance for my wife to get pregnant again-SZF61

A lockout means the many non-player persons employed by the NFL would need to find employment elsewhere (don’t forget the little guys)-Horseshoe Hoosier

A lockout means millions of voices that usually shouted out in exhilaration were suddenly silenced.-Biddy_Colts

A lockout means thousands of fans of all 32 teams suffering a heartbreaking loss 16 straight weeks.-Matt

A lockout could have the same effect that the baseball strike had on me in the 90s. I stopped watching a sport I loved, and never fully came back.-Bob

A lockout means… never have so many, been so harmed by so few.-Doug England

A lockout means that the most exciting day of the week turns into the most boring day of the week.-Mr. NFL

I wish I could give a prize to everyone, but I barely make any money on this blog as it is, and I have two other contests to pay off this month (Fantasy league and Pick ’em league).  The top three in my book were Bubba’s, Biddy’s and Matt’s.  

It was a very tough call (Bubba, my wife voted for you), but there was something about the way that Matt’s resonated with the way this season has gone that spoke to me.  We’ve had four of the worst losses ever already this year.  The thought of the whole league going through that every week…that’s chilling.

So congratulations Matt!  Email me with your contact information (and shirt size…don’t know if it’s relevant, but might as well have it), and I’ll pass it along to the NFLPA.

A lockout means thousands of fans of all 32 teams suffering a heartbreaking loss 16 straight weeks.